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About us - Über uns 

The business

Company Profile:

I have founded Falke International Company in 2013, For the purpose of trade and economic cooperation between Europe and the Middle East In order to be a leader in the transfer of the latest technology and highest quality products to our customers, providing them with all optimized requests, and earn their respect and loyalty.

Vision Owner / Chief Executive Officer:

I was keen from the outset to enhance our reputation in the local and international markets to be a gateway to a cross between all of the European markets and the Middle East to our belief that honesty and truthfulness are the access road to achieve the goal through

  • Accuracy and commitment to the highest standard of safety, quality, and timely.
  • Strive to achieve customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality and at a fair price.
  • Attention to every feedback our customers provided to us via email to our head office in Germany or through email us via social networking sites, and this is mainly observations in each study undertaken by the company.

Our activity: 

We work in the import & export - Commercial Agents - Negotiate Contractsto Between the Middle East and Europe.

our business only in high-quality products Made In Germany and we offer to you at a fair price.

Products we offer:

  • Solar products
  • Laminate flooring
  • We look forward to each new challenge