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Reducing costs and enhancing your image while doing something good for the environment - that is economical and marketing oriented thinking. Photovoltaic systems by Falke International Company your Solar Partner on your roof reduce costs and will continue doing that for at least 20 years!

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There are Three steps to your photovoltaic system

Step one Project development
During a consultation, our specialists draw up a profitability analysis for you after doing a location analysis. Whilst doing this, we take into account all technical and economic aspects and discuss with you all the details of the project. We then draw up a contract and review institutional and administrative authorization.

Step Tow Concretizing the project
At this stage, the desired and recommended components are chosen and after payment, a detailed planning is done before construction can commence. We then, sit down with you again and explain further steps.

Step Thre Project implementation
We organize all further steps and, on request, keep you informed at all times through regular up-to-date meetings. A turnkey handover of the plant to you follows after all work is done.

Getting ahead with quality

With our wide range of products we are optimally equipped for any solar project. Whether the classical 230 V or 120 V as in America or open space photovoltaic system with 1 MW or 500 kW capacity : we are able to offer suitable products and solutions for every plant worldwide with our first class devices and components. The quality of our devices what we offer plays the most important role for us. Do you need a small screw or a hybrid inverter for your MW off-grid park in Chile? You can rely on durability with easy handling and best service.


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Five good reasons why you should choose AE Solar by Falke International Company:

Quality products

  • All our products are of the highest quality and fulfil all established and required standards which are of importance to you as installer.


Wide range of products

  • Falke offer you everything to do with photovoltaics. From the smallest plug connectors to solar storage of megawatt class.


  • Our experts will gladly advise and support you with professional planning and designing of our components and devices.
  • Additionally, a language support because we can speak Arabic with our customers from the middle east.


Long-term experience

  • We offer products from factories or company have been present in the market since lange time and have installed already Megawatts with our partners. We know what we are talking about.


Local and yet global

  • Whether you are putting up a photovoltaic system in Australia or a solar power plant in Siberia, just tell us where. We deliver and we are there for you.

Falke International Company for Solar and Laminate flooring

Made In Germany

Solar Modules

Solar module The electricity generator Modules are very important. Will only install what has been proved and/or certified as it is the composition that makes up a flawless product. Designed in Germany and manufactured with state-of-the art machines – the quality is simply unbeatable! High resistance against wind and weather in many different regions of the world has been tested. Convince yourself about our first class flagship product. The AE Solar P6 and M6 series You are always on the right side with P6 and M6 series of poly and monocrystalline solar modules. Best workmanship meets high performance. It goes without saying that all our modules are certified and approved in accordance with the established norms. This secures long durability of your PV system and with the resistance of up to 5400 Pa, your generators are also immune against strong hail and snow. We offer the experts when it comes to solar modules. With our yearly production of 500 MW, we can fulfil all your wishes. All you need to do is tell us whether poly- or monocrystalline and we deliver. We only remain stubborn when it comes to quality. Whatever leaves our production halls has been proved and always complies with the highest international required standards. These are only changed if it’s for the good of quality. Then and only then can we guarantee you long durability.


A suitable inverter for every plant - From small string inverters for single family houses, to big central stations for solar power stations in megawatt ranges. AE Solar has the right devise for the required application. Very important:requirements of grid providers widely differ globally. We have for each and every one the ideal device. We can also offer you devices from other well-known brands (SMA, Kostal, Huawei, Fronius … etc.) on request. Inverter The converter It is through the inverter that electricity generated by solar modules is converted to consumable alternating current. Apart from efficiency, stability and circuit diversity of a good device are often underestimated. the inverters offer all these and much more. See it for yourself. String inverters We offer inverters offer the right device for every application. From 1 kWp solar systems to megawatt classes, our range of inverters fulfil every wish. And even here: Everything from one source! It goes without saying that all our inverters are certified and approved in accordance with established standards should you decide to buy a device of a different brand, no problem. Just tell us which one and we deliver.

Hybrid Inverters

This type of inverter was, until now, barely known in Germany. With the ever growing demand for storage systems, these devices are however no longer a term only known to experts. At a global level these devices are more important than normal inverters, that’s why, we offer a wide range of hybrid devices. The performance classes range from 3 kW devices to container sized devices from 0.5 MW.

Solar storage

Greater independence - According to most recent survey, this is one of the most important aspects of modern home owners. A more economic degree of independence of up to 70% is no longer utopia thanks to our solar storages. The most interesting part of it is that the more expensive electricity is, the more you save! Put your trust in our innovative and proven system!


Our promise: everything from a single source! This applies to frame systems too. We offer a suitable system for every installation type and always designed and customized to the requirement of locality of the photovoltaic system. For the small solar kits on Swabian garden plots as well as for the solar power station in the Gobi desert, the quality is always the same. We also offer components form well- known brands (Schletter, K2 systems, Renusol… etc.).

Solar accessories

A photovoltaic system is like a puzzle: the picture is only perfect when it’s complete with fitting components - the ideal system. We offer you every component that every type of photovoltaic needs: solar charge controllers, batteries, controllers and other installation material. Everything from one source.


Laminated Floor Made in Germany

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